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You are the best there is !

Yours is the most accurate internet certification prep I have ever seen. Yours is the only one that contain questions which meet all of the requirements of Microsoft testing objectives.

I want to update you on taking of the 642-801.Thanks for the study guide. This study guide was the best thing I've
ever used to study for an exam.


Hi, I'm from New Jersey and I have to tell you guys are the best. I bought the Server+ question set from you guys and I passed the test first try. I'm not kidding. I took this test a couple of months ago and failed. I found your site thanks to a friend and I decide to buy the questions you sell. Bing took the test and passed it easy. The best site to buy certification question is In2test. They are the bomb.
-- Randy (NJ, USA)

At $39, it has a very good question bank and detailed answers of why each possible answer is right or wrong, including screen shots of interactive answers. The Win2000 server paper I bought has 143 questions and indeed contained questions that seemed very familiar in the actual exam!
-- Richard (Leicester, UK)

Just a line to let you know that I took my CIW Foundations test and passed with a 92%. I just wanted to thank you so much and I will be using your product again and again. Thanks...
-- Mike (NJ, USA)

Just a line to say I passed Check Point (NG) CCSA this morning in 29 minutes. Feel free to place this email in the testimonial section of your website! Great guide! I used only your guide to pass the exam.
-- Benster (GA, USA)

I purchased the CCDA a couple of weeks ago and today I passed. After studying your guide, the exam was like watching a movie I had seen before. Keep up the good work and feel free to add this to your testimonials section.
-- Benster (GA, USA)

I have spent a considerable amount of money with a competitor called Ch***, inc. but have found your questions and explanations 99.999% close to the real exam. I passed the 70-210 Microsoft Pro exam with a score of 880 in 38 minutes. Be rest assured, I will not only become an educated consumer with your fine products, but will work as a walking commercial for your products.
-- Edwin (FL, USA)

I passed 70-216. I could not have done it without your guide! Thank you for selling me such a quality product! I will tell all my friends to only buy your guides & forget all the rest!
-- Brian (NY, USA)

I purchased your testing material 2 or 3 weeks ago. Today I passed the (640-607) CCNA with 885! I would have done better if I had not let myself get so darn excited when the question on the actual exam matched the test in your study guide. Your products so far have proven to be excellent! I will use your site for all future exams. Feel free to place this email in your testimonial
and thanks again for an excellent study aid!
-- Benster (GA, USA)

I just want to thank all the staff at In2test for the best pratice tests in the market up to this date. I just give your guides 5 stars. They contain 100% of the questions in my exams. You guys are awesome. I am now CCNP and moving ahead...
-- Marcelo (CA, USA)

I passed the CCNA test today with a score of 964. This was a difficult test but the preparation guide was very good. I would not have passed without the materials. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to better my life. I will proclaim your site and your study guide where ever I will go.
-- Steven (NJ, USA)

I did not think all this study guide business was real at all until this afternoon. You guys are really wicked, I salute you. I went in to do my 070-210 exam today and scored 880. I could not believe it. Every question was there as covered in your study guides. I completed the exam in 30 minutes. I am very excited, I am now MCP. I will use your product right through.
-- LMS (Suffolk, United Kindom)

What can I say about you guys? Just took the CID test and passed it with a score of 934 in 7 minutes! You guys are the best and I am doing business with you all.....
-- anonymous

You guys are the best ! I couldn't beleive my eyes after taking the 70-215 test. I passed with a 1000! I could have never scored that high with your study guide. Thanks!!!
-- FS (NY, USA)

I passed the CCDA test today with a score of 873. This was a difficult test but the preparation guide was great!!! I would not have passed without the materials. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to better my life.....
-- Yohimbe (NJ, USA)

I wanted to say thank you for providing these resources to students pursuing certification. I passed my both Solaris Admin exams because I bought the study guides from you all. ITPas*****, and ITce***** had only a partial list and would not refund my money after I failed my first exam with their study guides and met all of the requirements within their guarantee. I will definitely be promoting you all instead of those other copycay ripoff artists. Feel free to use my
email on your site to get the word out that you all stand apart from the wannbe sites.
-- Daryl (KS, USA)

Just a note to tell you that three of my bootcamp students used your guides for 210 and scored 900, 920 and one got a 960. Please feel free to use this email as a reference on your site. Your guides are wonderful.
-- Dave (Missouri, USA)

I passed MCSA 218 within 30 minutes and all questions are covered in the study guide. You won't get wrong if you want to pass MCSA.
-- Lucas (NJ, USA)

Your company has not only offered me an excellent product, but has backed it's product up with customer service that surpasses anything I've ever experienced before. You are to be commended for your efforts and I have nothing but the highest praise for your company and your product. Thank you so much for your product and your help!
-- Dave (Virginia, USA)

I recently purchased CCSA (Check Point) study guide. Excellent material. Helped me pass with ease. I suggest study with good book first. Read book good. Then use study guide. You walk out of test room a winner. You WILL pass test, plus be able to administer Check Point. I have
always received quality product from In2test. Thank you.
-- anonymous

I wanted to thank you for all of you help and to let you know how you have impacted my life. I purchased the CCNP bundle around Jan 7 and finished my CCNP on Jan 20. I am so impressed with your guides that I have now started the CIW track. Thank you for offering such an incredible study guide. Anyone is guaranteed to pass with only one or you days of studying.
-- MJ (TX, USA)

Your guides for the 70-270 and 70-218 are excellent. A pass guaranteed. The questions and correct answers are all there. If you need to get certified fast this is it, don't look any further.
-- Dr. P. (NY, USA)

I passed the 70-218 exam using your guide!! I'm so happy!! I finished the exam in a little over 30min and found all the questions on the exam in your guide. Many times I didn't have to read the question because the answers just popped out in front of me. Your guide for this exam is really excellent. I am now MCSA! Thanks so much!! Also, thanks again for your guide for 70-080, which really helped me with that exam too.
-- Heinz (ACT, Australia)

I am preparing for Oracle 8i DBA exam right now. Last weekend I found your website and purchased the (1Z0-025) Backup&Recovery guide. I took the exam this afternoon and I found it has been 99% covered by your material. Being completely convinced, now I am going to purchase all the rest four......
-- Andrew (NY, USA)

I recently just wrote the CCSA and I have never experienced questions that helped me so much like these questions that were provided to me by In2test. This is exactly what I need to move up in the ranks within the telecommunications industry. I have a family and I really don't have the time to review all the material for an exam. These questions definetely helped me pass the exam.
-- Steven (ON, Canada)

I just finished my CCNP and only one word can describe your material and that is "outstanding". After years of trying others sites questions and practice exams I have found that not only is your material informative but it's right on the mark as far as the test are concerned. I know without a doubt that In2test is the Number 1 site for material towards Certifications.
-- Daniel (VA, USA)

Just took the CCNA and passed with a score of 978/1000. Everything was straight from your guide. I'm using just your guides for the CCNP.
-- Jamie (IL, USA)

Bought your Oracle 1Z0-020 on the first day of 2002. Write the test today and pass with flying colors!!! Upgrade to OCP 8i easily! Thanks and keep up the good work!
-- Jeff (Hongkong, China)

I Just wanted to thank you. I used your study guide for the CCNA exam and after studying it for 2 weeks I took the test and passed in less than 20 minutes. Thank you!
-- Erik (PA, USA)

Just passed the 70-210 today. Pass easily! Study material for about 5 days, little bit each day. Just two weeks ago passed Cisco test too. Consumer should consider In2test products to aid with other study material. You pass easy just like I. Educated consumer will appreciate In2test products!
-- anonymous

First, thanks you Herbert. After studying and using your test with questions and answers, I passed the CCIE written yesterday and passed with a 90%. I recommend it. The study guide is very good .
-- anonymous

I was so nervous about taking 70-216, but I used your study guide and scored 920 in less than an hour!! Then I used your guide for 70-217 and scored 906. I'm a believer.
-- Julia (KY, USA)

I passed the OCP 001 exam today with a score 55/57. Your guide covers 100% of the exam questions. Thanks for the great work.
-- Wang (Shanghai, China)

Used your CIW Foundations guide and got 85% on the test..., Thanks for everything!
-- Tim (CA, USA)

Just a note to let you know that your products are awesome! I ordered the W2K Designing Security from you. I studied it for about 6 hours. I took the test this morning. You are allowed 4 hours for the test, I was in there less than 20 minutes and scored a 972! Are all of your products this good?
-- Cary (ID, USA)

I just passed (310-025) SCJP test yesterday. Your guide is right on the money and almost covers every question word for word. Great work !
-- Paul (VA, USA)

My 22 year old brother studied from the A+ quide and passed both A+ Tests....
-- anonymous

I took the Switching exam on Thursday 22 Nov 2001. Needed a 699 got a "881".. Couldn't of done it without your material. It was right on the mark. Probably could of scored higher if i would of taken my time but ended up finishing the test in about 20 minutes.... Thanks again.
-- D (Virginia, USA)

I purchased the CCDA study guide. Used along with Sybex CCDA study book. Passed test easily! In2test is the best. I have tried the other two popular ones (cheet sheet,troy) and have bad luck. I suggest to consumer In2test study guide you will not be sorry. Use it with a good book, I assure that you pass easily!
-- anonymous

I took the 70-217 and passed with a score in the 900. All the questions from the exam were
from In2test except one new drag and drop. Your Questions and Answers were word for word in same order as the exam. I thank you for a fine product. I will order the 70-219 tonight.
-- DM (Massachusetts, USA)

Incredible, I'm from Brazil and I have passed the CCNA exam with 967 points! Thank You!!!
-- Tch (Janeiro, Brazil)

I just wanted to thank you I passed the upgrading 4.0 to windows 2000 test today. I am now mcse. Thank you once again and keep the good work up.
-- Erik (PA, USA)

I want to thank you for your great 70-240 product. I read it completely through over 3 days before my exam and passed with ease.
-- Chris (ON, Canada)

I have a major problem with test anxiety, and from the horror stories my friends told me, I was terrified of taking the 70-216 exam. But with your study guides, I scored 920 in only about 45 minutes, and then a week later, I scored 906 on 70-217 (again in less than an hour). I can't thank you enough, you really take the pressure off. Expect my next order soon!
-- Your #1 Fan (KY, USA)

I scored better than 950 on the CCNA exam the week of 10/21/01, and my only study material was your product. I have also used several of your products to finish my MCSE and have been very happy. You could feel free to use this as necessary to promote your site...
-- anonymous (CA, USA)

After studying and and using other test preps, I always double-check them with In2test. I will then use In2test's answers. In2test does not use vague questions or answers. The questions are 100% what is on the exam. I can not say this about the other test preps that I have used. I passed 70-220 today with a 931. Hats off to In2test and kevin.
-- Dan (KY, USA)

I have passed the 70-240 exam!!! Thank you for the In2test guide! Without it I can't pass the exam so easily.
-- Xie (Shanghai, China)

This is the best product I have ever bought for the mcse exam and also Bill Chang and the other people are so helpful and friendly. Thank you all. May God bless you all for helping people and keep up the good work .
-- Premnath (NY, USA)

I passed CCNA with 946, the study guide covers all the questions! Highly recommend !
-- anonymous

As today 10/11/2001 I passed 640-025 for 909. The study guide covers all the questions that were shown on my exam. Thank you so much and I recommend this guide for people who want to pass this difficult exam.
-- Jack (HI, USA)

I could not wait to wake up and tell my personal testimony about this kings of kings, excellent, outstanding, right on the point site. All I can say is In2test Rules....... Herbert now to get down to more good stuff! I scored 946 for the CCNA exam! Oh my god! Thank you, Thank you In2test. I will always use this site for my study material. I am glad I found such a gold mine of a site. God Bless this site and again. Thank you In2test.
-- Darlene (GA, USA)

Thank you, Herbert. As usual, your customer service is exemplary. I am very satisfied with your organisation's commitment to provide excellent, industry standard certification prep materials. Well, by the way I scored 900 in my 70-216 exam taken on the 17th of September. 95% of the questions from In2test guides were on the exam. Yours is the most accurate internet certification prep I have ever seen. Yours is the only one that contain questions which meet all of the requirements of Microsoft testing objectives. Kudos to the hard working team of In2test. I am a very very satisfied client.
-- Sunil (NSW, Australia)

I took the CCIE written this morning and passed with a 87 in 10 minutes, I too only saw 2 new Questions and to be honest the last 10 Q's I didn't even read most of them, I KNEW that I had already passed and to be honest I didnt want a high 90ish score, I was nervous about a 95 or better score. I just wanted to hurry up and leave and rub my coworkers noses in my passing the CCIE.written. I am sure that will be a good quote, I know I answered 2 wrong by mistake and even though you can go back on the CCIE test, I didnt even bother, and really the last 10 I zoomed through.
-- anonymous

I passed the CCIE written exam with 920. There are only 2 new questions on the exam but since I study the CCIE exam for a few months now so I can answer these 2 new questions easily. Thank you very much for your exam. It worth every penny of it. I already have CCNP/CCDP. If you have more new Cisco exam in the future, like the one on CCIP track (Cisco Certified Inter-network Professional) or Security track, let me know and I will buy it immediately. Once again, thank you very much for your exam.
-- anonymous

I just passed 70-028 with score of 1000 yesterday! Thank you!
-- Wang (Xiamen, China)

I passed the CCNA2.0 exam with a score of 989, I made 1 mistake (my fault). Otherwise all 65 questions are in the guide and all answers are correct.
-- Allen (Vancouver, Canada)

I am very glad to tell you that I am a MCSE now!!! I just passed the last subject 70-221 today! It is beyond belief that I have passed all the seven MCSE exams with the average score of 864 within 23 days. Thank you!!!
-- Wang (Xiamen, China)

I just wanted to send you a message and let you know that I am now an MCSE. Thanks for all your help and the help of In2test. I managed to pass all of my exams! Thank you very much!
-- Becky (Ohio, USA)

Got a 979 for 640-025 CID......
-- The customer requested to be anonymous

Man, your stuff is wicked!!!!! I got 954 for CCNA, I have already spread the news with my friends in USA. Its great stuff keep it up.
--Cool Singh (London,UK)

Once again I wanted to complement you on the quality of your materials, I passed my Cisco 640-506 with a 954, but in all fairness I know I missed two questions because I forgot the exact commands.
-- Rob (UT, USA)

I passed 70-210. I trust you very much!
-- Xiang (Shanghai, China)

I want to update you on taking of the 640-507. I passed it with a 978. Thanks for the study guide. This study guide was the best thing I've ever used to study for an exam.
-- The customer requested to be anonymous

Herbert, I want to say thanx for this study guide. I had taken the Server exam two previous times and failed. After I received your study guide I knocked the bottom out. It was great.
-- Walter (FL, USA)

I am very satisfied with ur MCSD series.
-- L. Huang (BC, Canada)

I have passed 640-503 with 855. Thank you very much.
-- Xia (Guangzhou, China)

You're great! I got 940 for 70-210. I'm very glad to know your products.
-- Muzaffer (Istanbul, Turkey)

Today I passed 640-506 and finished my CCNP cert tests successfully with the help of your guides. Thank you very much.
-- Wu. (Beijing, China)

Passed 70-216 exam!!! I passed 70-216 with score of 860 last evening. Thank you for your effort in making such difficult exam passing so easy. Now I am preparing 70-217 exam.
-- Wang (Xiamen, China)

I passed the exam 70-176 with a score of 871. It's really not bad for 12 hours of study time (4 evenings). All 70 questions come out from the guide. I have been using Transcender, TroyTech and Cheet-sheets products for two years. You product is much superior in term of content and format. Just keep up the good work. Thx again!
-- Allen (Vancouver, Canada)

You are the best there is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Don (NJ, USA)

Passed CCNP 640-506 with a 800. Thanks!
-- Kevin (VA, USA)

I just passed 70-215 with the score of 960 last evening. Your Guide is really AWESOME! I can't imagine how I could pass without your help.
-- Wang (Xiamen, China)

I'm pleased to tell you I passed CCDA yesterday with an 885. Your guide is great! All my exam questions are in your guide and I flew through the exam in just 20 minutes. Keep up the great work and thanks from the bottom of my heart.
-- Glen (FL, USA)

Dear KEVIN, I would like to take this opportunity to let you and the rest of the staff at In2test know how much I appreciated your product for the 70-216 exam. Your material is well-prepared and the most "on-target" of ANY commercial material I have ever seen covering any subject. Thanks largely to your review guide and sample test to supplement my other studies. I scored a very nice score (880) when I took the 216 exam this past Saturday. I just wanted you to know that I am...a very satisfied customer.
-- Russ (MD, USA)

After studying for a month, I came across your website and decided to get the info. 3 days later, I took the CCNA exam and passed with a 956 in 10 minutes. It amazed me on how accurate your questions are compared to the real test. I am going to start studying for the CCNP, and will be using your study guide. Thanks.
-- The customer requested to be anonymous

I wrote my CCNA exam yesterday and your questions were right on the value for money.
-- Dennis (BC, Canada)

Thanks for the In2test guide. I have been through 176 with score 971. All questions are come from your guide. Unbelieveable!
-- Choi (Hongkong, China)

I passed 640-503 with 977 score. Your guide 100% covers the real questions.
-- Wu. (Beijing, China)

I want to tell you that your guide for 70-29 was on the dot. I scored 889 using it. I am suggesting your 70-29 study guide to all my friends, you made such a difficult exam appear so easy.
-- The customer requested to be anonymous

Thank you very very very much....:) I passed with 956, I should go back to do REAL STUDY CCNA now even I already passed the exam.
-- The customer requested to be anonymous

I passed the 70-219 this evening by only studying your guide for about 6 hours. Many, Many thanks to you.
-- Val (Tustin CA, USA)

Hi, I passed 70-219 today!!! I passed 70-240 and 70-219 within ONE WEEK!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
-- H.Y.S. (Hongkong, China)

Thanks again! and i forgot to tell you, i got a 900 on the 216 exam! ...... You are a prince! In2test really helped me with 216, so I am going for the gold with 217!!!! Thank you!!!!! Truly much appreciated!!
-- Becky (jackson ohio, USA)

I bought 70-216 and man, was that prep awesome scored 1000. Thanks for your help and I am spreading the word.
-- Luis (Fort Walton Beach FL, USA)

Your 70-210 was awesome......
-- The customer requested to be anonymous

Hi, I passed 70-240 today!!!
-- H.Y.S. (Hongkong, China)

Just wanted to tell you how good your materials were for 70-216 because... I had your information less than 24 hours/ coupled with other study efforts/---> passed the test in 36 minutes. Yes I know that was fast but your test were right on the money I was just looking to pass not to score 1000.
-- B. Johnson (Duncanville Texas, USA)

I have passed all the 7 Windows 2000 MCSE tests with the help of your great guides. Those questions I met in my tests are very very similar, if not the same, with the ones in your In2test guides. 70-220 and 70-221 are so difficult. I can't imagine how I could pass them without your help. Thanks for your very good service.
-- Chris Wang (Taiwan, China)

I passed 70-210 with score 920 yesterday. Thanks, In2test.
-- Kenny C. (NSW, Australia)

1) We have got the permissions of the customers to post their feedback.
2) Not all the customer feedback was posted, especially those from China.
2) All the old NT4.0 guides customers' feedback was deleted on Oct 15, 2001.

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